Dear Brent, 
We have had many home inspections over the years and have never seen any that could compare with your work. The inspection was thorough, well organized and the descriptions were done in an informative yet clear manner.  
We particularly liked the photos and will keep all of this information for future maintenance and repair on the house.
We would be happy to recommend your services in the future. 
A big thank you,  Adele and Tom H.
 I’ve owned houses before (this will be my seventh), but the responsibility of home ownership was never outlined (or explained) so well.  Things usually just slapped me up the side of the head (and the pocketbook) later when they needed attention.
Thank you, Susan H.
Hi Brent,
Wow, you do a great job. Thanks! I appreciate your thoroughness.
We’ll see what the owners say now….
All the best,  Barb
Hi Brent, Thank you very much for inspecting my soon to be new home. I’m so excited…! You did such a wonderful, thorough inspection. I just can’t thank you enough! All the photos were just great and easy to understand. ….all is well now. Again thanks so much!
Sincerely, Marlene :0)
Mr. Lerwill,
Thank you so much for your excellent service. This is the first time I have attempted to purchase property…let alone, sight unseen. I appreciate your attention to my situation. I’m very glad you were the one my agent recommended and I will be glad to do so as well.
Best Regards,  Kindra D.
Dear BrentI can’t thank you enough for being the honest  and excellent inspector that you are. When we decided to look for a house in Oregon we knew that we would need a reliable inspector to help us find one that would not be a money pit, since we lived over 3000 mi away. Thankfully we found you through our very helpful Prudential realtor, Sheri. She told us you were the best, a real buyers inspector, and  she was right. Not only did you do an extremely through job with an incredible amount of  pictures that were relevant … you brought things to our attention that most inspectors would have missed. We cant thank you enough for a job well done. 

It has made the biggest move of our lives into an extremely rewarding adventure. 
Thanks a million,    J Milot 
I told her you are a professional, well respected inspector…
I have been tremendously impressed with your business model, your professionalism and your ease with my clients and myself. That has built my trust of your skills and capabilities.
Mary Anne, Broker
I thought you would enjoy a comment we received over the weekend…”Does your house inspector travel to Minnesota? Because I want him inspecting the next place I buy….but I do not want him inspecting the place I own now”
Guess you have a national following now!
Craig W.
Thankyou Very much for the great report. It appears to me that you did a great job…  We will see to it that all your recommendations are followed. 
Thanx again.  Erik
Hi Brent,
Thank you for your home guidelines. It is very helpful. Yes, you can definitely use my testimonial on your website.
I was very impressed with your inspection. I would like to add that I was also impressed with and appreciated the suggestions you gave about preventative maintenance and liability concerns. Thank you for that.
Daniel D.
Just wanted to thank you again for your professionalism and for being a person of integrity!
Thanks so much for the report & pics. After seeing these & talking to you, I have gained invaluable insight. Appearances can deceive & I would never consider buying a home without having it inspected by you. I’ve had other homes inspected but none did such an in depth report or inspection; I consider myself very fortunate.
I have found a few other homes & when I hear back on my offers, will call you.
I appreciate you and will not hesitate to refer your services.
In Gratitude, Thank you again Brent, for everything!
Trudie D.
I just wanted to say Thank you for the quick ability to do the inspection for my clients. Thank for all the extra time you spent with them at the home. As a broker, this kind of service is truly appreciated.
Mindy Century 21 Realty
Hello Brent
I received your emails, the photos, and the inspection report. I thank you for being soooo prompt and sooooo patient with all my questions. I will be happy to market your services to anyone who needs an inspection, including my family and friends.
Blessings and thanks to you
We found your report and comments extremely interesting and informational. Thank you again for your help and patience in explaining everything to us. We countered the offer with the seller asking them to remove the attic insulation and replace it with new.
If this deal doesn’t go through, we will SURELY use you on the next one.
Bob and Beth
Hi Brent
Thanks for a great job! You saw a lot of things we didn’t. The pictures are also a big help.
Tom S.
Thanks for the pics and the inspection. I think you did a great job of illuminating the property’s good points and well as the concerns. I especially appreciated that you found the Zonolite insulation and the electrical hazards.
If we need another inspection we will be calling on you again.
Thanks again for the professional and timely service.
Jesse N.
Thank you so much!! You have done such a wonderful job for us!
Thanks,  Sarah and Matt
We don’t know how to thank you enough for your help.
Thank you for everything.
Greg and Connie
Dear Mr. Lerwill
I appreciated your professional manner and the way you so clearly explained the inspection to me. I will be more than happy to recommend your services to anyone I know.
Sincerely,  Terry M.
Nice job, Brent!
We all appreciate your quick attention to our inspection. I do like the format of your report with color highlighted text, and the quick email delivery in a pdf file. Very easy to read and understand. The photos are very helpful, too.
You have moved into my #1 position for Home Inspectors. We will do it again; the sooner the better!
Regards, Jim, Realtor/Broker Bandon, Oregon
Dear Brent,
Thanks for so quickly completing my inspection. It has been very helpful to have a concise report based on a meticulous home inspection.
Cheers, Isaac U.

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