“Pest & Dryrot” Inspection

Wood destroying insect & pest inspection

As specified in the Summary of Oregon Inspection Standards, a pest inspection is not required as part of a home inspection; however it is not prevented and I am licensed to do so. These standards do require inspection for all rot, moisture and drainage issues. My contract is written in accordance with these state and national standards.

I exceed many of those standards.

I always inspect for, and include all visible and detectable rot, deterioration and conditions conducive to rot, insect and rodent activity at no additional charge.

I will look for the same conditions that a pest inspector does, including signs of activity or damage caused by wood destroying insects or rodents. These conditions will be cited in the report. If it can be determined that there is current, insect infestation or activity it will be recommended that you consult with a pest applicator to determine possible action. Many times this is difficult to know without invasive or destructive inspection. This assessment will be made by visible surface conditions and indicators.

You may choose to have an inspection by a licensed pest applicator regardless of these findings. 

If it is necessary to have a separate P&D report, I can supply that for an extra fee of $95 in addition to the whole house inspection. If re-inspection of P&D repairs is required by your lender an additional fee will apply.

It should also be noted that I, as an Oregon Certified inspector, can not gain financially from finding damages or insect infestation. I am legally prevented from doing any subsequent work on a house that I have inspected for one year. I am legally and ethically bound to protect your interests and report honestly what I see. My observations and report will, therefore, be unbiased and with No conflict of interest.

Brent Lerwill OCHI#789 Licensed General Contractor CCB #93969


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