Benefits of An Inspections

Both Sellers and Buyers Benefit from Inspections

How sellers benefit from an inspection:

• Allows you to give full legal disclosure.
Creates trust and peace of mind for all parties.
• Avoid last minute surprises that could cost you a sale.
Makes the property more marketable.
• Protects you from possible liability exposure.
Avoid possible legal tangles after closing.

How buyers benefit from an inspection:

• Make an informed, educated decision to purchase.
• Helps you better negotiate your purchase.
• You will often save more than the cost of the inspection.
• Helps you budget and plan for future maintenance costs.
• Protects you from possible liability exposure.
• Protects your family from potential hazards.
• It could save a life.

A whole-house certified inspection checks the structure and major systems of the house and gives you an unbiased, educated assessment of its condition.

Don’t skip an inspection just because the building is new. Buyers are often surprised that even that new custom home built by a very competent builder is never perfect. Because most new homes come with a one-year warranty, an inspection can discover construction flaws covered under this agreement that might otherwise go unnoticed for a few years. State or municipal code inspectors generally do a 15-minute run-through and are not likely to find many problems. SEE this blog post by a Nevada broker:

Oregon Certified Inspectors must meet strict requirements and pass a comprehensive test. Continuing education and training is required, giving you greater protection and professionalism. Look for the OCHI# in addition to the CCB#. Not all inspectors are certified by the state. All certified inspectors do not have equal experience and training: Ask.

I have been involved in the building and/or inspection business for over 45 years.
I have also been trained and certified as a FEMA disaster inspector.

I give fast, priority service. My service doesn’t end when the report is delivered.

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Formerly Certified by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors And the American Institute of Inspectors. Oregon Coast Chapter President 2007/2008 National Secretary and Executive Board Member.

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