I am no longer doing home inspections but there are several considerations for how much to pay for a home inspection.

I do not have one set fee that applies to all properties. Every one is different so I tailor my report to YOUR home. Fees are based on what is required to thoroughly inspect your home with its unique features.
Many times price is the only question asked. I charge what my service is worth, not what someone else’s is worth. While the most expensive doesn’t guarantee the best quality, the cheapest seldom does.  Whoever you choose, you want the highest VALUE for your money. The difference between the cheapest inspector and the most expensive is probably only $50 to $75. Paying a little less now might cost you a lot more later. When making one of the biggest investment of your life, DO YOU REALLY WANT THE CHEAPEST INSPECTOR TO HELP YOU DECIDE IF IT’S A GOOD INVESTMENT and to PROTECT YOUR FAMILY? I strive to provide the best service you can get that gives you the greatest VALUE. My Fee may not be the lowest, but the quality of service is premium. I will give you personal service and inspect your property as I would for my own family. Choosing the wrong inspector could cost you a lot. The health and lives of your family, as well as your financial health could depend on it.

Experience isn’t expensive; It’s priceless.

The lowest fee could be the most costly in the end.

If you are an informed, savvy consumer who recognizes value over cost, please call for a quote.
For more information see: http://www.independentinspectors.org/fees.html


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